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Our books are produced to provide help and support to the most vulnerable members of society. They provide support to victims of crime devastated by their experience, reassurance to those from minority groups having to live with the nightmare and fear of hate crime, and guidance to those newly arrived in the UK . The books are particularly valuable for women and children from Black and Minority Ethnic Communities. Those who are at risk of domestic abuse, rape, forced marriage or honour based violence.

If one of more than 100,000 books we have already produced for police forces, succeeds in saving ...

  • one woman from being killed or forced to commit suicide through the trauma of domestic abuse or forced marriage, or
  • one child from going through the torment and devastation of child abuse, sex grooming, or child marriage or
  • one person from being killed as a victim of serious crime like terrorism or hate crime, or
  • one youth from the nightmare of a life of drug addiction and crime;
... then it has all been worth it.

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An indispensable user-friendly pocket size book designed to encourage communities in the fight against radicalisation, violent extremism and terrorism. A book produced to promote the PREVENT strategy.

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Driving a taxi is the most dangerous profession. Drivers are sent alone to isolated areas, to pick up strangers. This book is produced to help taxi drivers stay vigilant and safe when on the streets.

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Helping Our Communities

A must-have book covering all aspects of community safety, including; personal safety, home security, anti-social behaviour, terrorism, road rage, drugs and alcohol, and many more.

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Helping victims of
Hate Crime

An essential book which helps and supports victims of Hate Crime and provides valuable information on all aspects of keeping safe, importance of reporting and many more...

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You can order the Hate Crime App localised for your area with your logo as the sponsor. Please contact us for details.

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An indispensible book which empowers and supports women and protects them from dangers of domestic abuse, rape, honour based violence, forced marriages and many more...

Book Cover 1
A guide for our fellow
Europeans from Poland


A book packed with the most useful and vital information about life in Britain for our Polish visitors. The book covers education, the law, housing, employment, health, employment etc...

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A guide for
Black & minotity
Ethnic commuities

A comprehensive book produced for communities in Hampshire & IOW. The book provides information and local contacts in education, the law, employment, racial harassment, health, housing, sexual assault, rape, and many more...

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Healthy Communities

An innovative pocket size book packed with valuable information on important health topics, produced to raise awareness and help encourage communities (particularly BME) lead a healthier lifestyle...

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